At a wedding, it’s not unusual for the bride to want to turn heads and be the centre of attention. In fact, it’s often considered poor form for someone to outdo or outshine the bride. This includes the groom and anyone else in the event. It just simply isn’t done.

Of course, apart from not upstaging the bride, everything at the wedding must be as perfect as possible. Things like the location, the china patterns, and even the flower arrangements all have to be right. All the details have to be exactly as intended, with little to no room for getting it wrong.

Naturally, not even the ride is spared. While not universal, more than a few weddings use limousine hire Perth to add a touch of class.

However, just how do you keep the limo from being perfect without taking attention away from the happy couple?

First, you want to pick the right model of a limousine. A hummer is a good choice, but be careful about the little details.

You want a hummer that’s been fitted for class and elegance, or at least won’t clash too much with the theme or atmosphere of your wedding. Since there are party hummers out there that might be wild rides, you can’t just call and hire one. You have to see the wheels for yourself.

Obviously, if you’re renting one, you need to get the details right.

This includes when and where they’re supposed to pick you up and how many people are riding in them. If they’re for the entire wedding party, be sure to know who rides in which hummer. After all, most of them only carry up to eight people.

A stretch hummer is just the right level of flashy, under most circumstances. Big enough for eight to ten people and still have plenty of room. It’s got a built-in bar that offers complimentary champagne, along with all the required ice and glassware.

Bottled water and is also included, as well as various other beverages. Treats like are less common, and usually not a good idea anyway. At most, you can manage finger foods that don’t have sauces or dips.

Depending on how formal the wedding is, you probably don’t want the car playing music loudly. Most limos do have an excellent sound system built in, along with lights that let you turn the ride into a party. This is going to be great once the wedding is done and it’s reception time.

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