How much does limo hire Perth cost?

There’s a simple answer and a more complicated one. The simplest response is “the going rate given by the limo company.” The more detailed one, on the other hand, is what we’re going to look into today. Knowing what goes into the price of a limo rental helps you figure out how to budget for it.

First, let’s consider the style of the limousine you’re looking to hire.

Not all limos are the same. Some are compact, some are big, and some are stretch models. Even between stretch models, some can only take about eight people while others are big enough to handle twenty. The type you get is going to factor into the cost.

In general, the bigger the limo, the higher the cost. However, sometimes features are also going to be a big factor. A smaller vehicle with more features packed in might cost more than a stretch that only has the “basics.”

Timing is also important. Much like hotel rooms and airline tickets, when you want a limo matters.

Certain days of the week, the demand is higher. This is especially true for specific days of the year, like Valentine’s. Demand will mean that the costs are higher. Saturdays, for instance, are often expensive because people love to get married on a weekend.

On the other hand, if you catch a limo rental on a slow day, the price is cheaper. Going for a drive or date in a limo on Tuesday, for instance, is a lot slower and more affordable.

How long is the limo going to be with you? This is also a factor in the cost analysis.

The average company will hire out a limousine at an hourly rate. The range of prices will vary based on the model you decide to get. Now, remember that you might end up with a minimum number of hours for the rental, so be sure to ask about that.

Of course, if you’re looking for a long rental, that will be expensive. You might get a discount if you exceed a certain number of hours, though.

Finally, think about gratuity. Specifically, does it come with the cost of the limo or is it separate?

Every company handles limo hire gratuity differently. Sometimes, the cost is included in the price. Others will charge is separately when you ask for a quote. You’ll want to ask to be sure, so you’re not caught blind-sided by it when the charge comes in.

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