Date nights should be special. If you’re going for limousine hire Perth, that means you believe this too. A limo can help make the evening more relaxing since you don’t have to worry about driving and transport. Book a luxury limo service to smooth things out.

Do you have a date night coming and want to make it special? It’s a date, so you probably want to do that. However, romance isn’t always easy. Sometimes it’s a lot harder than the movies make it look, especially if you want to avoid being cliché.

You know what, we can help you with that.

One idea is to take on the Penny Adventure Date. This involves getting one of our limos and heading downtown, to where the fun activities and places can be found. Once there, you both pick a number from one to ten. Say the numbers out loud, add them up, and then flip a coin.

If it’s head, make a right at the next right turn. Otherwise, do the same for the left. Keep flipping the coin until you get to the number you got earlier. Once you’re there, find whatever the closest thing is that looks fun!

It sounds ridiculous, but the spontaneity can really do wonders for a date. It keeps things exciting and puts you both in a position to find some new place.

Another idea you can go with is a museum run. Though this isn’t ideal in the evenings, it can be a great way to do something that’s not typical for a date.

The first thing you need to do is choose a museum with a special event. These events will have things like live music and cocktail hours, which can spice things up. Most museums also have cafes where you can have drinks and coffee, or even light snacks. This provides a fresh environment.

A museum also gives you an easy ice breaker for conversations. There’s plenty of things you two can talk about once you’ve walked around the exhibits.

How about sports?

If you’ve got a special someone that’s a fan of sports, this is a great idea. Book a luxury limo and great seats. Center ice in ice hockey or courtside for basketball, or any other great seating position for any sport that they’re interested in.

Sports also give you a quick topic to talk about if you’re both fans. It’s even better if you’re both passionate about the sport and the team.

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