If you’re looking to get your hands on a limo hire Perth for an event, that’s great! A limo can add a little bit of spice and a little touch of class and luxury to anything, from a prom to just a night out on the town. You’re in for a good time, but sometimes you might miss out on a few details.

Renting a limo and a chauffeur isn’t the same as renting a car. There are a few details that you want to keep in mind, whether renting for a special day or just for fun.

Here’s some quick advice on how to get the most out of your limo booking. These are the things that aren’t obvious because we’re assuming you can work those things out yourself. The details here are more like “secrets,” in the sense that the limo company doesn’t talk too much about it.

First, remember that a lot of money is exchanging hands. You want to cut down on the risks.

Make sure that any rental agreement covers the model, the year and make, and any charges. Make sure that there’s paperwork covering the guarantee that the rental company offers. Look at what is written down, so you know that what you want and need are in there.

Read the agreement very carefully. In particular, you want to make sure you read the cancellation policy.

Now, we don’t expect you to want to cancel. However, it should be read in case something happens that you want to have. There should be no difficulties in cancelling the rental. A few minor details like fees if you cancel late, that’s fine. If you need to jump through hoops, that’s a problem.

Inquire about the passenger capacity. In fact, if you can, check out the car yourself. This gives you a clearer idea of how many people can fit if the people you plan to invite will work within the space available. This is the sort of thing you want to be sorted out early.

If the model you have in mind is too small, you need to pause and choose a different one.

Don’t hesitate to ask for testimonials and references. These can be great, helping you get a more personal picture of what you can expect.

Ask about a tip. Does the driver get one? Is it fixed or does the fee cover the tip?

Finally, book in advance! Give the company at least 48 hours leeway, because last-minute bookings do not work out.

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